Fine Chinese Antiques

Chinese AntiqueChinese antiques have become popular over the years among the antique loving community. Not only are they beautiful to look at but they are also quite expensive in many cases. This means that they can be used as a source of investment should someone want to sell them later on. Antiques can vary and they include pottery and ceramics, furniture, masks and many other things. It is therefore quite heartbreaking should any of these beautiful and very expensive items break.

Repairing Chinese Antiques

Should Chinese antiques break, which does not mean it is the end of the road for them. What the owner does soon after will determine if they will be able to restore the antiques in their possession to its original value. It is therefore imperative for any Chinese antique owner to be able to do what is required of them if they want to have no regrets on that score.

The first step involved in repairing and restoring Chinese antique items is simply to ensure that all the broken pieces are collected. All the pieces are like parts of a puzzle and it is important for one to be able to fill every single one. The bigger pieces can be stored together in one container while the smaller ones can be put into a separate container. No matter how small the piece, it should never be ignored or thrown away. These kinds of antiques may not necessarily be one-offs but most are extremely rare and no owner of similar items will be willing to sacrifice a piece of theirs.

Once all the pieces are collected, the owner can fix the antique pieces on their own or alternatively they may opt to give them to a professional antique restorer to do the job. Should they opt to fix the pieces on their owner, then it is imperative that they possess enough knowledge to do so. No amateur should ever attempt to do the restorations on their own because that just portends trouble and a potential loss of value for the antique in question.

If the owner opts to send the Chinese antique pieces to a restoration company, then packing the broken pieces is a big issue that must be considered. Experts advise antique owners to ensure that each piece is wrapped separately in a fully cushioned container. This will enable the pieces to be transported to where they need to go without rubbing against each other causing more chipping. No one wants to cause more complications on this end.

During the restoration process, each piece is cleaned carefully if need be using appropriate cleaners and tools. The larger pieces are usually glued on first before the restoration expert tries to fix the smaller pieces. This work may be quite difficult to do especially when the break has resulted in many fragments. At times, these fragments may not be missing which may result in a little bit of creative thinking. In such cases, the pieces will be glued together and the patterns on the antique may be painted over in such a way as to disguise the cracks.

Techniques, the types of glue and restoration methods usually vary based on the type of Chinese antiques as well as the medium used to make it. High quality restoration will at most times result in a near original piece, which should then be displayed in a safer place of used for what it, was intended. It depends on the owner's preference.